pg电子竞技 is recognized as one of the foremost design and engineering firms in northern and central California, 由我们的客户来衡量, 我们的员工, 和我们的社区. We have been shaping success for businesses and communities since 1955. pg电子竞技为客户解决最严峻的挑战, making complex projects not only manageable but truly successful. Our innovative approach and technical expertise continue to shape the success of communities and businesses throughout the region 及以后.

Clients appreciate our clear communication and ability to anticipate and follow through on client and agency needs. 最重要的是, 客户受益于我们处理预算的能力, 监管, 以及其他决定每个项目成功与否的细节.


1955年由Robert W. pg电子竞技, pg电子竞技 is the largest multidisciplinary design and engineering firm headquartered in San Joaquin County that provides civil engineering, 结构工程, 测量, 规划, 景观建筑, 体育设施设计. 在萨克拉门托和圣何塞设有办事处, pg电子竞技 is recognized as one of the foremost professional services firms in Northern and Central California, 由我们的客户来衡量, 我们的员工, 和我们的社区. 我们解决客户最严峻的挑战, 使复杂的项目不仅易于管理,而且真正享受. Our innovative approach and technical expertise continues to shape the success of communities and businesses in each of our practice areas 及以后.

在过去的几年里, it has become clear that having multiple disciplines working closely together under one roof benefits both the process and the product; streamlining costs while maximizing function. Our teams are cross-trained so they understand the complexities of the project not just as individual parts, 但是作为一个整体. The technical contributions of a firm such as pg电子竞技 to the growth and development of a city is not easily apparent or understood by the public. 然而, 在过去的五十年里, our projects have significantly contributed to the changing face of cities throughout the Central Valley, 海湾地区, 及以后.

  • 2020 -pg电子竞技庆祝65周年纪念日
  • 2019 – pg电子竞技 buys and renovates their own office building in Stockton, located at Brookside路3428号
  • 2018 -pg电子竞技扩展并开设了莫德斯托办公室
  • 2017 ——pg电子竞技的设计建造履历超过了10亿美元
  • 2016 – pg电子竞技 begins design on the $6m UCSC Quarry Amphitheater Renovation
  • 2015 -pg电子竞技收购比尔斯联盟
  • 2014 ——pg电子竞技的设计建造履历超过7.5亿美元
  • 2013 -pg电子竞技启动了第20个UC项目
  • 2012 – pg电子竞技 growth allows for new offices in San Jose and Sacramento.
  • 2012 - pg电子竞技雇佣了他们的第一个LEED认证专业人员.
  • 2011 – The firm provides engineering services for the LEED Platinum UC Davis Student 社区 Center Design-Build project.
  • 2000s – The firm is contracted as civil engineer for DeCarli Square seawall, 广场和影城, 斯托克顿广场酒店, 活动中心, 记录扩张, 转运中心, 和县工作网络复合体.
  • 2005 ——《pg电子竞技》迎来50周年纪念. Mayor Edward Chavez proclaims the firm a defining factor in the growth of Stockton and San Joaquin County.
  • 2008 ——pg电子竞技公司(pg电子竞技)在成立41年后迁址.
  • 2009 -pg电子竞技雇佣了他们的第一个营销总监.
  • 1980s & 1990s – The firm engineers Brookside; a cutting edge golf course and water-oriented community. pg电子竞技 remains the reclamation district engineer for the project levees.
  • 1992 – Robert pg电子竞技 retires and the firm is renamed pg电子竞技工程, Inc. pg电子竞技 invests in new technologies including computer-assisted design.
  • 1980s & 1990s – The firm engineers Brookside; a cutting edge golf course and water-oriented community. pg电子竞技 remains the reclamation district engineer for the project levees.
  • 1970s -通过合作的努力, pg电子竞技 works with Stockton Redevelopment Agency to develop the Stockton south channel bank, 北方银行, 以及其他海堤和长廊项目.
  • 1960s -pg电子竞技开始为林肯西村工程工作.
  • 1960s – pg电子竞技 acts as reclamation district engineer for community levees.
  • 1966 – pg电子竞技 purchases headquarters at 4045 Coronado Avenue, Stockton. Subsequent additions would eventually almost triple the building size.
  • 1966 -该公司目前雇用23名员工.
  • 1955 ——罗伯特W. pg电子竞技创建R.W. pg电子竞技 & 的同事.
  • 1950年代末 – pg电子竞技 begins 45-year tenure as city engineer for the City of Ripon.


  • 斯托克顿矿工大道康复市
  • 斯托克顿主要街道完整的街道项目
  • 加州大学戴维斯分校学生社区中心(LEED白金)
  • 德卡里广场海堤和广场
  • 电影院和斯托克顿广场酒店
  • Stockton Events Center including Baseball Park, Arena, and Hotel
  • 帕洛阿尔托应急井

在七八十年代, pg电子竞技 was the engineer for the Stockton Waterfront project in a cooperative effort between the Redevelopment Agency and a private developer including:

  • 仓库及办公大楼
  • 三角洲网关公寓
  • 码头基础设施的改善

In the 1960s pg电子竞技 was the engineer for the Stockton West End Redevelopment Projects in downtown Stockton including:

  • 拆卸市区街区进行重建
  • 市中心的步行购物中心
  • 猎人广场广场
  • 李中心
  • 美国银行(Bank of America)
  • 中区停车场


One of the reasons for pg电子竞技’s continued success is involvement in our communities. We encourage employees to donate resources by providing opportunities during company time for various organizations to make presentations to the staff. The following is a list of some of the charities pg电子竞技 has worked with to sponsor programs:

  • 圣华金县A+扫盲计划
  • 美国癌症协会
  • 美国红十字会

pg电子竞技 also takes an active role in our community by donating engineering services to various projects. 最近, pg电子竞技 has donated our services to assist with the rehabilitation of Fremont Park in Downtown Stockton and the brand new play structure and Pixie Woods!

Employees also spend countless hours of their own time supporting activities, such as:
  • 献血活动
  • 节日捐赠和“赠树”
  • 筹款活动,以协助灾害受害者
  • 向食品银行捐款
  • Runs and walks for funding breast cancer research, diabetes, and muscular dystrophy
  • 统一的方式
  • 吉瓦尼斯俱乐部国际
  • 斯托克顿扶轮社
Our high profile engineering projects have included the prestigious master-planned residential developments in Stockton such as Lincoln Village West, 鹌鹑湖泊, 威尼斯花园, 威尼斯的桥梁, 和Brookside地产. 为这些社区, pg电子竞技 was recognized for its innovative engineering design of stormwater retention basins which are also used as architectural and recreational features, equalization storage of wastewater for disposal during low peak flows, rehabilitation and reinforcement of existing levees and the creation of high ground for flood protection from a 100-year flood event.
pg电子竞技在2005年4月20日庆祝了它的黄金纪念日. A gala event was held on the Roof Garden of the newly restored historical landmark, 斯托克顿酒店. We received media coverage the same year in Stockton’s newspaper 记录. 查看文章(pdf).
pg电子竞技继续成长和改变, constantly contributing to the successes of clients and the community.